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Global Digital Trade Connector 

Revolutionising the Trade and Logistics Industry through Digitalisation

A One-Stop Global Digital Trade and Logistic Cloud services with automation, visibility, connectivity, and intelligence you need to get ahead in the digital era. We built a digital supply chain ecosystem by connecting and integrating multiple stakeholders in the trading, logistics and supply chain community.

Our integrated logistics solution connects international and domestic logistics communities via a robust platform that captures user data for efficient trade facilitation.

Leader in eServices for Trade Facilitation - relentlessly thriving to deliver operational excellence

Digitalisation increases the scale, scope and speed of trade.  It allows companies to bring new products and services to digitally connected customers across the globe. It also enables businesses to use new and innovative digital tools to overcome barriers to growth, helping facilitate payments, enabling collaboration, avoiding investment in fixed assets through the use of cloud-based services. SealNet offers the full suite of digital trade services that traders and logisticians need most.

Digital Trade Is The Future

Complex trade processes and the rapid growth of digital technologies in recent years have facilitated economic activity and created new opportunities for consumers and businesses. Businesses use advanced technology to reach new markets, track global supply chains, analyse big data, and create new products and services.

As trade becomes more digitised, so should your organisation.

Automation, visibility & intelligence

Driven by technology, the trade and logistics sector will see a significant increase in visibility and transparency from digitisation across the supply chain. Visibility is crucial for trade facilitation and logistics as it allows you to understand operations from a holistic perspective. It encourages businesses to build a smart system, which will improve efficiency. In addition to evolving supply chain management, IoT adoption will considerably boost profits in gaining granular insights.

Inter-company logistic with collaboration and insights

A secure platform that connects business partners for collaboration. SealNet provides a central platform to manage logistics processes across the supply and logistics value chain.​

Transport and Logistics management

Streamline your transport management. Our state-of-the-art tracking system manages activities such as vehicle assignment, driver trip sheet computation, contract management, routing scheduling, load planning, equipment costing, equipment & driver management, driver trip incentive computation and POD management.  




Eliminates unnecessary production costs.


Improved Accuracy

Meet customs compliance process.



Reduced cycle times in handling jobs.



Increase visibility in data tracking, leading to better business decision.


Increased Throughput

Increase productivity to meet high demand from clients.


Improved Business Performance

Business grows with excellent operational throughout.

What are our customers saying?

Hartrodt Malaysia

Re-usability of data, easy & fast declaration leads to fast clearance. It eases the documentation transactions.

GAC Cargo Systems 

It is a cost-efficient. We only commit to fixed monthly subscription and never have we billed for unexpected additional charges. The Web-based feature gives us the flexibility to have access to the system via multiple devices too. Very convenient!

Kudrat Maritime (Johore) Sdn Bhd

Sebelum ini saya mengunakan eDeclare dan myCargo untuk borang Kastam. Masalah yang saya hadapi ialah saya perlu berada di pejabat. Dengan SealNet saya boleh membuat kerja di mana sahaja. Kesimpulannya, SealNet memudahkan, pantas dan khidmat pelanggan yang cepat bertindak balas. 

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Information accuracy in real-time is crucial for our day-to-day logistics planning and coordination with the multi-transport operators. Since using SealNet services, we have visibility over our shipment and better clarity on the Customs declaration and payments made.

Our robust platforms are built to help your company transform seamlessly to a digital ecosystem - helping you cut costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and transparency and ultimately produce better systems orientation.

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